Toyota S-FR Concept News Price Release Date

One of the most interesting cars that is set to be unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo Auto Show is the Toyota S-FR Concept. The name has not been picked randomly – it actually stands for Small, Front-engine and Rear-drive. The Japanese manufacturer wants to improve their image with the fans of sports cars, who are at the same time potential buyers. They say that the S-FR Concept is an entry-level sports coupe and that it is at the moment preparing for production. One thing is for sure – the Toyota S-FR Concept has been able to draw a lot of attention.

Toyota SF-R Exterior

Exterior of new Toyota S-FR Concept

The Japanese manufacturer used the Toyota Sports 800 (a model from the 1960s) as an inspiration for the new S-FR Concept. The most notable thing, when it comes to the design of the exterior is that the Toyota S-FR Concept has lots of round shapes, which is not something that you can see on new models from the current Toyota line up. On the front, the S-FR Concept has round headlights that are a little covered by the hood, creating a meaner look. Furthermore, the front black mesh grille is oval with round fog lights on the sides. There are round elements even in the back – the taillights are completely round, while the diffuser is quite large – it takes up more than half of the rear of the car.

Toyota SF-R

Another interesting thing is that the Japanese manufacturer chose to show the Toyota S-FR Concept in official images in a neon yellow color with black accents. When it comes to the overall size, the Toyota S-FR Concept has a wheelbase of around 98 inches, which means that is in between of Mazda Miata (has wheelbase of 90.9 inches) and the Scion FR-S (has wheelbase of 101.2 inches), however, the S-FR is taller and narrower than both cars.

Toyota S-FR Concept Interior

Toyota S-FR Interior
Since the Toyota S-FR Concept is yet to be unveiled, there are no official features and equipment list nor the information about possible trim levels. However, there is one image of the interior which shows the design of the cabin. First thing you’ll notice is how simple the interior is – the center console is quite narrow and it does not have a touch screen display – which is something that we wouldn’t expect – of course, the production version might get a pop-up unit. Furthermore, the interior is in black, with neon-yellow accent on the doors, seats and a button on the steering wheel. The Toyota S-FR Concept has bucket seats, which make it a proper sports car.

Engine of new SF-R

The Japanese manufacturer didn’t share information about the powertrain, however, lots of reports suggest that the small sports coupe is going to have a naturally aspirated 1.5l 4-cylinder engine that should produce 130 horsepower. When you take in account that the Toyota S-FR Concept weighs only 2160 pounds, this much power seems more than enough.

Toyota SF-R Side View

Toyota S-FR Price

Pricing is yet to be announced, however some reports suggest that in Japan it should cost just $10,000.

Toyota SF-R Front Side

Release date of S-FR Toyota Concept

The Toyota S-FR Concept should go into production in late 2016 and the sales should start in early 2017.

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