Toyota 2015 Yaris Hybrid-R Price and Review

With the unveiling of the Toyota 2015 Yaris Hybrid-R many people were left questioning themselves: just how do you get to make a car that seems uninteresting car interesting and give it an economical climate? Well, many car makers would just include the letter “R”on the vehicle’s rear and leave it at that, but this is different with Toyota as they have more material to the 2015 Yaris principle other than just the badge “hybrid”.

Toyota 2015 Yaris Hybrid-R-front

The 2015 Yaris that recently showcased at the Frankfurt motor show, is built to be a high performance car under Toyota’s quality research and design technology integrating the standard hybrid Yaris design and technology with seek additions.

Toyota 2015 Yaris Hybrid-R-side

New Yaris Hybrid-R Design and Interior

The new Toyota 2015 Yaris Hybrid-R comes with a dark and large grille that make it look aggressive and a high performance car and integrates well with its new design head lamps and side air inlets at its bumper’s ends. It has a new wheel design and better curves compared to the outgoing model. It will also feature the LED technology in its headlights and taillights, which greatly add to its appearance especially when it’s dark.

Toyota 2015 Yaris Hybrid-R-interior

To its interior, Toyota 2015 Yaris Hybrid-R is well designed and comes with a good dashboard that is not congested with controls. At its center it is fitted with a 7inch NAv/infotainment system that will take us the camera display roles as well as the audio ones too. Its steering wheel is well padded with hand-comfortable material, making it have a great feel. The same material used on the steering wheel is the same used on the seats and the sides of its interior, giving this model a great and trendy blue interior.

Toyota 2015 Yaris Hybrid-R-interior

2015 Yaris Hybrid-R Engine

The 2015 Toyota Yaris Hybrid-R will be powered by a 1.6l turbo charged direct injection engine and has a great output of 300hp and with the addition of the twin hybrid electric units this figure goes up to 420hp. A third electric motor is also incorporated and sits between the engine and the 6-speed transmission. It servers as a generator and powers the rear mounted electric motors when accelerated. For this model to have a great power supply, it is fitted with a Nickel metal-hydride battery as it is able to charge quickly and give out large amounts of power at the same rate too, making it ideal for race driving as it is able to give out quick bursts of acceleration in minimal time periods .

Toyota 2015 Yaris Hybrid-R-engine

Toyota 2015 Yaris Hybrid-R Price and Release Date

The Toyota 2015 Yaris Hybrid-R sells at $14,845 which is a great price considering what it offers. This great 2015 Hybrid Yaris was unveiled at the Frankfurt motor show in Geranmy this year and is now selling.

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Toyota 2015 Yaris Hybrid-R-rear

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2 Responses to Toyota 2015 Yaris Hybrid-R Price and Review

  1. Husam says:

    Dear Sir,

    I am Interested to buy the new 2015 Yaris Hybrid-R, would like to know some information:
    1. Final price?
    2. what is the requirement to buy?
    3.I am from Oman, GCC, what is the process to ship the car to my country?
    4.would like to get your contact.

    Husam Al Mahrazi

    • admin says:

      There is no official price, just rumors,
      You must contact your car dealer.
      We don’t sell cars, just provide info about them.


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