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2014 Toyota Hilux Diesel Price and Review

2014 Toyota Hilux Diesel-front side

Throughout the world the 2014 Toyota Hilux model is known for its durability and great performance in all terrains. This model was majorly designed to serve those who love big cars. This car will be available with a few modifications

2014 Toyota Tacoma Price, Review

2014 toyota tacoma-front angle

When shopping for a new car, everyone intends to purchase a vehicle that will give the most for the money. One such automobile is the 2014 Toyota Tacoma. It is a workhorse small pickup with virtually unequaled dependability that is

2015 Toyota Hilux Price Review and Release date

2015 Toyota Hilux- front angle

Toyota still hasn’t disclosed info about next-gen Hilux, but the farther we go in 2014, the more it seems that 2015 Toyota Hilux model will be an eight generation model. However, this transition could last for a little bit longer

2015 Toyota Tacoma Price and Review

2015 Toyota Tacoma-side

Toyota Tacoma is probably nearing the end of its second generation as it hasn’t been changed for 10 years now, and begins to show its age. This mid-size pickup is a solid choice for those that don’t intend to haul

2015 Toyota Tundra Price and Review

2015 Toyota Tundra

2015 Toyota Tundra is a real deal, full-size pickup which competes with the best of them, but sadly, somewhat falls short, even though not by much. It only entered third generation as this year’s model and 2015 Tundra will be

2016 Toyota Hilux Design and Release Date

2016 Toyota Hilux Front Side

Standing out as one of the best cars to hit the auto-market in 2016, the 2016 Toyota Hilux is considered as the lead car in its segment and is expected to bring great changes to its cluster. Faced with the