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2015 Toyota Venza Price and Concept

Toyota Venza 2015-front angle

Toyota has unveiled a new Venza model that is scheduled to hit dealerships anytime this year. It features a new design language that is anticipated to spur a lot of excitement among enthusiasts and critics. Its new design concept is

2015 Toyota RAV4 Price and Release Date

2015 Toyota RAV4-front

Toyota RAV4 which stands for Recreational Active Vehicle with 4-wheel drive (even though RAV4 is also available in FWD) is the best sold vehicle in compact SUV category. This affordable SUV is available worldwide and offers more than many of

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid Rumors and Concept

2016 Toyota Land Cruiser Hybrid-front

Today’s auto market, is well filled with new different model types of SUV’s. The Land cruiser is one of these SUV’s, but now boasts of being there for a long time and has been tested and has passed all its

2016 Toyota FJ Cruiser Last Edition Price and Concept

2016 Toyota FJ Cruiser Front-Angle

Just like the name suggests, the 2016 Toyota FJ Cruiser last edition, will be the last of its kind to be in the production lines of this Japanese car maker. This last edition model is set to be released in

2015 Toyota TRD Pro Series Price and Review

015 Toyota TRD Pro Series-front

The 2015 Toyota TRD Pro Series recorded its highest sales in the U.S. back in 2007 and has since then it has been struggling just to keep sales above 100,000 units annually.

2015 Toyota Highlander Price and Release Date

2015 Toyota Highlander front

For all Toyota Highlander lovers, the good news is that Toyota has announced to release their 2015 Toyota Highlander later in the year or early next year. This means that it is your time to be prepared to procure your

2014 Toyota Fortuner Price and Release Date

2014 toyota fortuner-side angle

Toyota Fortuner first made its debut in India, and it has been a great success for the company ever since its first release. Throughout the years this model has managed to retain the high reputation tagged to the company with

2015 Toyota 4Runner Release Date and Price


Much, it is confirmed that couple of cars will certainly include this set in 2015 year model, Tacoma, Tundra and 4Runner. New shades and revisited design are anticipated as an element of the plan for the 2015 4Runner. TRD pro