2017 Toyota Prius Review and Release date

2017 Toyota Prius is believed to be the car of the next generation due to its potential design and performances. It would surely be interesting to a lot of potential buyers.
2017 Toyota Prius Front Side View

Exterior of 2017 Toyota Prius

One thing can be stated for sure, and that is that 2017 Toyota Prius would have four doors and a trunk door. It is also firmly believed that the manufacturer would use the latest LED technology for headlights and taillights. Also, it is believed that the manufacturer would invest a lot of effort in order to make this car aesthetically appealing.
2017 Toyota Prius Rear View

2017 Toyota Prius Interior

Regarding the interior of 2017 Toyota Prius, it would surely have two seat rows and the capacity for maximum five passengers. There is no doubt that the manufacturer would use materials and fabrics of very good quality for the production of seats. Also, it is assumed that the manufacturer would use a lot of settings for high-tech gadgets that he would incorporate. It is believed that this car would have Bluetooth, USB and iPod connectivity,. Also, it is believed that the car would have optional touchscreen and satellite navigation.
2017 Toyota Prius Interior

Engine and Transmission of 2017 Prius

There is no doubt that the manufacturer would do his best in order to provide the best engine options for 2017 Toyota Prius in order to keep the pace with the competitors around the globe. However, we need to be aware of the fact that this car is a real mystery, and that nothing is yet known about its specifications. This is the reason why we do not know what would be potential engine options that the manufacturer would choose. There are some speculation that it would be a V6 engine, but there is nothing about its strength. Furthermore, there is one additional information, and it is the speculation that the manufacturer would use automatic transmission. Also, there is a slight possibility that this engine would be also paired with an electric one. Also, it is believed that this would be an eco-friendly vehicle with significantly reduced fuel consumption.
2017 Toyota Prius Engine

Toyota Prius Release Date

There has not been any information whatsoever regarding the potential release of 2017 Toyota Prius in the showrooms. It is speculated that this would happen during the middle of 2016. Since there has not been an official display of this car, we surely do not know when the sales would start. Nevertheless, there are some estimations which predict that the commencement date of the sales would be during the first couple of months in 2017.
2017 Toyota Prius 1

Toyota Prius 2017 Price

The conclusion regarding the price of 2017 Toyota Prius is very simple. Namely, if we take into account that there neither has been an official presentation nor there is a commencement date for sales, it is natural to conclude that there are not specific prices for specific equipment packages of this model. It is believed that price lists would be available during the final months of 2016.

The only thing left is waiting for the presentations, and then official specifications and price lists of this car.

Her’s a look at last year’s model:

More Info: http://blog.caranddriver.com/next-toyota-prius-plug-in-allegedly-could-provide-30-to-35-miles-of-electric-range/

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