2016 Toyota Hilux Design and Release Date

Standing out as one of the best cars to hit the auto-market in 2016, the 2016 Toyota Hilux is considered as the lead car in its segment and is expected to bring great changes to its cluster. Faced with the many demands of its buyers and enthusiasts, this car is set to meet them all before its showcased in early 2016 then replace the outgoing model.

2016 Toyota Hilux – Concept

This new model shall definitely come with some top upgrades and a few other modifications that will improve its general appearance and its drive and handling experience on different terrains and weather conditions as well. The 2016 Toyota Hilux will also be equipped with better safety measures and will be more comfortable. It’s payload shall also be increased with about extra 3 lots making it be most preferred by those in the construction sector and for other uses that will require a pickup with a larger carrying capacity. This 2016 design pairs power and high end design, making this model perfect for both recreation and performance.

2016 Toyota Hilux Off Road

New 2016 Toyota Hilux Interior and Exterior

The 2016 Toyota Hilux exterior will have a new look that will distinguish it from the outgoing model. It is expected to have; a new design of its head and tail light design, new aerodynamics and a new grille also. It will have superior suspension just like the 2015 TRD Pro series as well will be equipped with the new generation of shock absorbers which will cut majorly on vibration and also the noise generated while on cruise. Toyota is well known for efficiency and the 2016 Hilux will not be exempted as it will come with a fine tuned engine that will give you a superior fuel economy compared to other models in its niche and will emit less CO2.

2016 Toyota Hilux Right side

We’ll expect a few upgrades and modifications in the new Hilux cabin. They are; a new ad better version of its SAT-NAV/Infotainment system, a new styled control panel, better seat design and covered with high quality leather, climate control and quality fittings and finishes made of genuine leather and mahogany wood.

2016 Toyota Hilux Interior

2016 Hilux – Engine and Mechanics

Under the hood this new 2016 Toyota Hilux pickup truck will be powered by an option of 3 quality and powerful engines, both fitted with the new-VNT intercooler; the 2.5l or the larger 3.0l and there being an option of the powerful 4.0l engine. All these engines are 4 cylinder and will be mated to either a 5 speed manual/auto-transmission for the lesser options and a 6 speed manual/automatic transmission for the 4.0l engine trim and will power these versions in both 2WD and the powerful 4WD option. When selecting between the transmissions offered, there really isn’t much different though the manual option is seen to have a superior performance compared to the one with the automatic transmission in off road conditions.

2016 Toyota Hilux Engine

Release date of new 2016 Toyota Hilux

The new 2016 Hilux is expected to be released by either the end of the year 2015 or at the start of 2016. Its price is not yet announced and estimated from its previous model aren’t reliable as Toyota has not yet announced the major features of this new model.

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