2016 Toyota Celica Price, Rumors and Concept

The automotive industry is again going to be shaken by the release of the brand new 2016 Toyota Celica. The release of this new car is expected to take place somewhere before mid-2016: approximately less than 18 months from today. The release of this new model from Toyota automotive manufactures is also anticipated to draw many buyers than the previous Toyota models because of its additional great features. It is a type of car that combines comfort and efficiency! Here are some of the specifics of this long awaited new Toyota Celica 2016.

2016 Toyota Celica Interior and Exterior

2016 Toyota Celica Interior
This 2016 model is refurbished to increase the comfort of the driver and other people on board. The adjustable seats are made with strong but soft fabric for maximum comfort. All seats also have airbags to ensure safety to all the people on board. It is an ideal car for embracing special events with your family or colleagues. The matching interior color, easy to maneuver steer wheel and the cooling systems will make the vehicle more admirable. The body will not be very much different from the 2012 model, but there will be several changes to such as the height and the front and the back design.

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2016 Toyota Celica-above

Engine, New Toyota Celica 2016 specs

Unlike the previous models that mostly concentrated on speed and appearance, in addition to all these features, the 2016 Toyota Celica also puts more emphasize on its fuel consumption. It is actually a car that you will enjoy driving without worrying much about fuel. Its V-6 engine is specially designed to consume 3.8 liters which is relatively lower than the current model that consumes 4 liters. New Toyota Celica 2016 ability to supports 6-speed automatic transmission combined with 310 horse powers makes it more powerful than the existing models. And another good thing about the engine is that, its lithium battery is told to be very powerful and the car also has a way of sustaining the charge of the battery so that it can last for long.

Generally the performance of this 2016 Celica model will be incomparable to the current models in the market. Its fast transmission and the appealing look of its exterior appearance makes this car stand out from all the models released before.

2016 Toyota Celica-front

New Toyota Celica 2016 Price and release dates

While the prices is not yet clearly told but according to various credible source, the car is expected to bee released by March 2016. The price of 2016 Toyota Celica is expected to range within $22,000-$25,000. This price is relatively lower considering the fact that the car has many great features that outweighs current models. The good price and the additional features make this 2016 Celica the best option.

More on history of the model: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Toyota_Celica

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