2016 Toyota 4Runner Price and Release Date

The 2016 Toyota 4Runner is one of the expected update of the 4WD and 2WD mid sized SUV. With Automotive companies competing so much to make desirable cars, the new Toyota 4runner is expected to bring up new features and designs that are beyond expectation. The car will have new changes regarding to technology advancement, design and it’s total appearance. For people who love sports cars, this car is an ideal to have, since it’s all featured with amazing specs of a high class sport car.


The 4Runner design

When compared with the 2015 Toyota 4runner, this brilliant SUV has more renovated features that makes it’s design look more incredible. With a 7-inch display equipped on the dashboard, the car navigation will be very easy for people who would like to use gprs systems. The new 2016 Toyota 4Runner interior will be redesigned with amazing leather material fabrics to make it comfortable and more good looking than the previous model.

Beside having comfortable leather seats, the 4runner interior will be equipped with a Superb 8 speaker audio system, a navigation system and a lot more features that will make it a great SUV. For the car safeness, the designers have established new safety features for better handling and comfort-ability. The 4runner appearance is will be enhanced with a bigger grille which is a great symbol of the car transformation.

2016 Toyota 4Runner-interior

Engine Options and Features of new 2016 Toyota 4Runner

The new 2016 Toyota 4runner will use a V-6 to a V-8 engine. The car first engine will be a vvt-i 4.0 liter engine that has a capacity to deliver about 270 horsepower and more than 250 lb/-ft of torque. Even though some source claim that the SUV will use a v-8 engine, it’s engine specs have not yet been publicly released. With prices of fuel on the rise, the 4Runner will be improved with fuel economizer features that will enable it to produce more power with little amount of fuel. Some sources claim that there will be a 4WD and a2WD to choose from, for people who want more power or standardized performance.

2016 Toyota 4Runner-engine

2016 Toyota 4Runner Expected Price and Release Date

Even though there is no actual date of the 2016 Toyota 4Runner release to the market, the car is expected to released on the fall of 2016. The price will be not so drastic since the manufactures want the car to compete well with other competitive brands. The car price will range around $33000 for the entry trim. When compared to other companies SUV brands, the car will be a great competitor in the market since it will out-do many car brands.

If you are planning on buying this car after it have been released, we hope you get the best from it. The 2016 4runner is a great car that is ideal for a person who would like to experience a high class travel and comfort.

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New Toyota 4Runner 2016:

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