2016 Scion TC

Scion was launched in the year 2004. Toyota launched the youth car to offer small and practical service such as the xD and xB hatchback brands and the iQ city car. Toyota has once again introduced the tC sports that delivers style and fun to the drivers in the new 2016 Scion TC .

2016 scion tC -front

2016 Scion TC Exterior

You get a completely new look with youth features in this vehicle. The exterior of the brand will have a large difference from its predecessor in the front end. The brand has new light, bumpers, and air intake design. It has what designers call an aggressive look. 2016 Scion TC concept of the design is inspired by the model for FR-S that is more attractive. Scion tC sports coupe exterior gives you the look of a modern city car with a streamlined body design.

2016 scion tC side

The 2016 Scion TC Interior

The interior of the vehicle is design with modern features and improvement from the previous. This brand prioritizes comfort with aggression. It comes installed with a new audio system. The audio system is upgraded. You will get Bluetooth capabilities installed, HD radio and steering wheel mounted audio controls. In addition, the vehicle has a touchscreen display. The 2016 Scion TC sports coupe has all the features that you would expect to need and want when seated on the driver’s seat while driving.
2016 scion tC interior

Engine of new 2016 Scion TC

The 2016 Scion TC sports coupe will certainly be more powerful or just as powerful as the other models. There will be checks and balances on the engine but with a cumulative performance that is more powerful than its comparative models. The choice of the engine for this vehicle will be a 2.5L engine with a 180hp rated powertrain. The engine will be located under the hood of the vehicle. The four-cylinder engine installed in the Scion TC will share the same type of driver train to that found in the other 2015 models. With a six speed gear box mounted on the car expect an upshift and downshift that twice as fast as the 2015 vehicles.

2016 scion tC -rear

The engine has been provided with a standard 2AR-FE 2.5L inline that generates a 173lbft torque. It features an EPA measured fuel economy of 23/31mpg for city and highway respectively. The vehicle can accelerate from 0 to 60mph within 6.5 seconds. You can cover a quarter a mile within 15.1 seconds.

2016 Scion TC Price and release data

The Scion TC sports coupe date of release is still unknown. However, you should expect the Scion tC sports coupe somewhere late 2015. The accurate price of the Scion TC sports coupe is also unknown because the information has not been released yet.

scion tC 2016 -rear

2016 scion tC pictures

More info: http://www.topspeed.com/cars/scion/2016-scion-tc-ar170458.html

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