2016 Lexus TX Release date and Price

According to the latest reports that have surfaced on the web, Lexus is preparing to unveil a brand new car in their line up and according to experts it is a car that they really need to complete their offer – a true crossover, but with a smaller price tag. The car in question is 2016 Lexus TX, which should be unveiled in the coming months. The main problem with the current SUVs from Lexus is that they are big, they are not really fuel efficient and they cost a lot, but the company wants to change all that with the introduction of a new crossover.
2016 Lexus TX Front

2016 Lexus TX Exterior

When it comes to the exterior of the 2016 Lexus TX, reports suggest that it is going to look a lot like the Lexus RX 350, but they will be significantly different. On the front we can expect details that are already used on other Lexus vehicles, like the RX 350 – angular headlights, big grille and a large chrome Lexus logo. The similar situation is with the back of the car – some of the trademark details of Lexus design are also expected on the 2016 Lexus TX, like the big taillights.
2016 Lexus TX Exterior

Interior of 2016 Lexus TX

Since experts suggest that this car is going to be one of the cheaper from the current Lexus line up, the interior will probably a little less equipped like other Lexus vehicles. However, still some of the equipment and features that luxury vehicles have will be included. We are sure that the design of the three spoke steering wheel will be taken from the Lexus RX 350. Furthermore, features like large touchscreen display and heated and ventilated seats will surely be part of the base model, while upper trim level will offer satellite navigation, 4G LTE internet connection and Bluetooth. Advanced safety systems will be included with every model and some of these systems are – lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control and blind spot monitors.
2016 Lexus TX Interior

TX Engine

Lots of reports that have surfaced online suggest that the 2016 Lexus TX is going to have engines from a certain Toyota vehicle – most experts agree that it is going to be an engine from Toyota Highlander – the 3.5l V6 engine, while it is very probable that the company will unveil a hybrid version.
2016 Lexus TX Engine

Lexus TX 2016 Price

The price of the 2016 Lexus TX is not yet announced, but it is expected to be around $50,000.

2016 Lexus TX Release date

The company will unveil the 2016 Lexus TX in the coming months.

More info on official site: http://www.lexus.com/

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