2015 Toyota Wish Concept

The 2015 Toyota Wish is bound to be a remarkable car in many respects considering the Japanese car maker’s excellent reputation .Like its predecessors ,the 2015 wish is an affordable multi person vehicle (vehicle).Numerous analysts have given differing views on the new Wish and only the final car sales can ultimately reveal whether the automobile is truly ground breaking or not with regard to design and general performance. We are going to analyse the car with respect to different aspects such as; car design, engine performance and fuel consumption .

Pictures of some previous model.
2015 Toyota Wish-front

New Toyota Wish Design

When compared to earlier models, the exterior of the 2015 Toyota Wish is more intricately designed. The new model spots new alloy tires which complement the sporty bumper. Both the tires and bumper give the Wish a distinct sporty look. Furthermore ,the fender has also been customized and this further enhances the Wish’s elegance. The design of the 2015 Wish’s grille is simply exquisite.Additionally,the vehicle also boasts of excellently designed front and rear lights which greatly enhance the vehicles visual appeal. Generally ,the exterior of the 2015 wish is exceptionally streamlined and compact.

2015 Toyota Wish-interior dash

Only top quality material has been used for the 2015 Toyota Wish’s interior. The upholstery is uniquely made of top grade fabric and this gives the low cost automobile a premium feel. Complimenting the upholstery is a top notch carbon finish. The automobile boasts of adequate internal space that promises to offer optimum passenger and driver comfort .Rear seats can be folded back if there is any need for additional storage space. Despite numerous additions ,the 2015 Wish’s interior is largely similar to earlier models.

2015 Toyota Wish-seats

Engine of the 2015 Toyota Wish

The basic entry level engine of the 2015 Toyota Wish is a 1.8 liter , 4 cylinder unit. This engine can provide an incredible 131 horse power. Even though this power is far from impressive when compared to the power that high end sports cars boast of, it is quite above average for a car in the Wish’s price range. Another engine boasted by the 2015 Toyota Wish models is a 2.0 liter, 4 cylinder engine. The 2.0 liter version boasts of improved horse power standing at 142.0 horse power .The engines boast of 121-lb and 144-lb feet of torque respectively .As a result of boasting of relatively high performing engines the Wish promises to offer a remarkable driving experience. The fuel efficiency of the Wish is bound to greatly ease the financial burdens on the owners of the Wish.

2015 Toyota Wish-front


The 2015 Wish promises to be a truly great buy given its function flexibility and incredible design.

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2015 Toyota Wish-rear

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