2015 Toyota Urban Cruiser Price and Release Date

The most anticipated 2015 Toyota Urban Cruiser will soon be available in the market. Based on the details provided by Porsche and Mustang, the new Cruiser will be tougher, larger and bestowed with a more powerful engine.

Pictures are from older model, or render.
2015 Toyota Urban Cruiser -side

Better and efficient transmissions will also be used as to help make the ride smoother and convenient. The interior and exterior specs have been updated and improved to help guarantee comfort and consistency.

Exterior of new Toyota Urban Cruiser 2015

Designed to operate on off-roads and on-roads, the shell and exterior make of the waited 2015 Toyota Urban Cruiser will be made stiffer, tougher and more gorgeous. The wheels will be made broader and tougher to help enhance its adherence to all-kinds of environments. There are also major trims on the exterior look and style looking at the fact that the car will be reinforced with new and better chrome trims. Its exterior toughness is enhanced to help ensure the sedan can operate under every kind of environment whether mountains, deserts or well-conditioned roads.

2015 Toyota Urban Cruiser -front

Interior of 2015 Toyota Urban Cruiser

Inside the car will be leather seats fortified with comfortable and stylish seats. Technology is also present on the new Cruiser which starts from high-definition sound music that provides soft and cool music and the econ-figurative speedometer that allows drivers to driver faster and still leverage the car stability. Still on the technology update, the car gets 10 airbags, heated rear ad front seats, parking sensors, rear view camera, navigation control, power mono-roof, Pandora audio and an Entune system which allows people to install and use different mobile apps. The cargo space is increased and well-designed to help enhance it hauling capabilities.

2015 Toyota Urban Cruiser -rear

New Toyota Urban Cruiser Engine

The 2015 Toyota Urban Cruiser will use power from 2.8 turbo engine which is expected to have a fuel economy of not less than 20% when compared to its forerunner. The engine is estimated to generate peak output of 180 kW and torque of 305 Nm. To enhance acceleration stability, the engine will be coupled with roller bearings. As for the coil springs, sports dampers and suspension, better backups will be installed to help make the car great and more efficient. Connected to the engine will be a 6 speed gearbox, differential transmitter and drive shafts that will help boost stability and acceleration.

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2015 Toyota Urban Cruiser -spy photo

2015 Toyota Urban Cruiser Price and Release Date

The expectation of most cruiser lovers is to see this cruiser before the end of this year. Unfortunately, the automaker is planning to offer it in the early days of next which particularly in April. It is also the desire of each person to buy the car at cheaper rates something that has forced the automaker to offer 2015 Toyota Urban Cruiser at an affordable price of $65,000 to $70,000.

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2015 Toyota Urban Cruiser -rear

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