2015 Toyota Supra Price and Specification

2015 Toyota Supra is the gran tourer vehicle made for the first time by Toyota in 1978. In the first years of its production it picked on a Toyota Celicia style, with some additional inches in width and longitude. Although it bears a lot of resemblance to Toyota Celicia it has a different engine which it inherited from Toyota 2000GT.

2015 Toyota Supra front angle in motion

2015 Toyota Supra Price and Release Date

Since this vehicle is still only in dreams of us and millions of other gran tourer fans from around the world we can’t really guess the price or release date now. We just hope that Toyota will treat the generation that grew up on Need for Speed and Gran Tourismo with the new Supra in 2015 model year. Price of new 2015 Toyota Supra will be between $ 40,000 to $ 50,000, but those are just rumors.

rear angle

New Supra – First Look

First few generations of this vehicle were produced in Toyota’s Tahara plant in Tahara, aichi, Japan and later the production was shifted to Motomachi plant in Toyota city, Japan. Sales in United States were discontinued in 1998 and the whole Supra production was discontinued in 2002. Since then this car became an iconic roadster and it was seen in numerous racing video games and movies: Gran Tourismo, Need for Spped, The Fast and the Furious etc.

2015 Toyota Supra side

There are rumors that the new 2015 Toyota Supra will come out for the 2015 model year. Toyota FT-1 is seen as the concept of the new Supra, and since this car until now recieved its cult following there are great number of people out there who expect its reborn with the new 2015 model. Since the FT-1 concept was shown on Detroit Motor Show talks about the new Supra are on-going on all internet web-sites and forums that deal with automobile industry.

2015 Toyota Supra interior

Toyota’s FT-1 concept is considered by many to be the concept vehicle that will mark begining of the production for the new Supra model. It look unbelievebly aerodynamic and fast and bears resemblence to some of the Ferrari grand tourers. If new Supra is going to look anything like FT-1 concept, we should expect F1 styled nose and toned down grille simmilar to the one on the GT86 model. When it comes to fast roadsters and grand tourers interior always came second to the performance and exterior segment. We believe Toyota will not have the same mistake with the new Supra, since some retro and uncomfortable interior can make Supra’s fan base much smaller.

2015 Toyota Supra interior

New Toyota Supra Engine

When it comes to performance there is abig mistery cloud surrounding the new Supra possible drivetrain. One of the options would be the turbo four-cylinders to the V-10, from Lexus MFA, but that’s just a wild guess. Since Toyota is known for its hybrid models, we can expect hybrid Supra to join Supra line, maybe even from the start of new Supra’s production. When it comes to hybrid model we can probably expect V-6 hybrid system, which will deliver 400 horsepower.

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2015 Toyota Supra on top

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