2015 Toyota Sienna Price and Release Date

2015 Toyota Sienna model comes with a new revitalized and more fashionable interior. Some changes have also been noticed in the cabin such as the revamped dashboard and a contrast stitching option which makes the car look more stylish. Toyota has also conducted some minor redesigns on the exterior among which includes trimming the body to a better looking figure and applying a sleek and durable coating that makes the car look sporty and remain competent for its deliberated functions.

Some of the pictures are from previous model, some are render images but we have fresh new pic 2015 model.
2015 Toyota Sienna-side

Toyota Sienna Interior and Exterior Description

Due to various reasons, Toyota has decided not to make great changes on the new Sienna’s exterior. The observable change that seems to have been made on the outer layer of this car includes the installation of the optional daylight LED lights and some minor tweaks on the car trim. As for the taillights and suspension, they have been carried from the previous model despite that they have been make more clear and perfect.

2015 Toyota Sienna-Interior

When you enter the 2015 Toyota Sienna interior, you will be met by a variety of upgrades and betterment. Starting from the cabin, great changes have been made on the car among which include the black new leather interior mated with contrast edging, the Driver Easy speak Feature, hands-free microphone and a seven inch infotainment system that houses systems like the monochrome climate control, capacitive buttons. There is also a panoramic endorsement camera that boosts safety levels and helps drivers in various conditions.

2015 Toyota Sienna-seats

New Toyota Sienna Engine and Performance

As for the 2015 Toyota Sienna engine, this new model gets a port-injected V-6 aluminum engine that outputs horsepower of 266 and torque of 245 pound-feet. The engines fuel storage capacity is rated at 3.5 liters which is customized as per the cars fuel consumption levels. For better performance, the engine is connected with a six speed automatic transmission on all wheel drives. With the improved engine calibrations, the car is estimated to be more powerful and economical as compared to its predecessor. The car is also expected to get a powerful lithium-ion battery that will be capable of generating enough power to power all accessories, equipment and systems within the car.

2015 Toyota Sienna-front

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Price of 2015 Toyota Sienna and Release Date

To date, the exact release date for the 2015 Toyota Sienna is not known as well as its price. While most people expect to know once Toyota clarifies their preferred day to release this car, some people have been able to prefigure this cars release date to be somewhere in 2015. Price estimate is as well not known but looking at the price of the previous model which was starting at $27,780, the brand new sienna price is likely to be somewhere between $20,000 and $50,000.

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2015 Toyota Sienna-front

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2015 Toyota Sienna-rear

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