2015 Toyota Sequoia Price and Review

Toyota Sequoia has been generating quite remarkable sedans with great modifications on all aspects just from the bodywork to the wheels. In their next model, that is 2015 Toyota Sequoia, the automaker is planning to make it more spacious, sleek, convenient and by far more comfortable to drive. The luggage compartment will as well been equipped with considerably larger volume to hold large amounts of luggage.

2015 Toyota Sequoia-side

2015 Sequoia Interior Specification

Inside the car comes lots of space, comfortable seats and high-level of safety equipment. The steering wheel has been fitted with Four-Way mechanism to ease driving while the headroom, legroom and luggage compartment has been made more voluminous. The car also gets a wide range of entertainment systems among which include two wireless headphones, touch screen display and audio systems. Other specs in the car include air conditioning, DVD navigation, land managed cruiser and telephone systems.

2015 Toyota Sequoia-interior

Exterior Specs

The external appearance has also being redesigned to make the car more attractive and stronger. The headlamps are customized with a dynamic shape while the front side is finished with an excellent chrome grille. Under the headlights come round-shaped fog lights that are equipped with excellent light quality. As seen on photos, the body will be significantly longer with tinted and stylish row windows. As an addition to the revamped exterior, there is also an excellent roof spoiler paired with a wide range of roof rails made to boost the car functionality and expediency.

2015 Toyota Sequoia-front rear

New Sequoia Engine and Performance

The exact information concerning the preferred motor for the brand new 2015 Toyota Sequoia is yet to be clarified but it’s hoped that the car will get a V8 5.7 liter capacity engine. The engine will have premium features and calibrations besides being strengthened with four wheel drive mechanism and powerful brake discs. With all these additions, the motor will generate a maximum horsepower of 381 and torque of 401 lb-ft. The fuel economy rates for the car are estimated at 13 mpg in the city and 17 mpg on highway.

2015 Toyota Sequoia-side front

2015 Toyota Sequoia Release Date and Price

The sales for this model are scheduled to start in 2015 despite that Toyota has not suggested the exact amount they will be offering the car for. However, some news sources claim that the cars will start at $42,000. For anyone who wants to secure this, it is advisable to be prepared with more money as the quoted amount is just as per expectations and Toyota may decide to make it more or less.

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2015 Toyota Sequoia-side

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