2015 Toyota Hiace Review Release date Price

The demand for 2015 Toyota Hiace would surely be big. Why? Well, this vehicle would be made as a mini bus, and as such, it would be a great transportation vehicle for a large number of people. In addition to this, this vehicle would have a very reliable and powerful enough engine.
2015 Toyota Hiace Side

Exterior of new 2015 Toyota Hiace

Regarding the dimensions of 2015 Toyota Hiace, the vehicle would be 2285mm high, 5380mm long, 1880 wide with the ground clearance being 155mm. the brake towing capacity of this vehicle would be 1400 and the unbrake towing capacity would be 400. The vehicle would have somewhat peculiar exterior look. The manufacturer would also include the torsion bar, anti-roll bar and hydraulic double acting shock absorber.

2015 Toyota Hiace Exterior

Toyota Hiace 2015 Interior

If we take into account that 2015 Toyota Hiace has been produced to be a kind of a bus, it does not seem as a surprise that there are fourteen seats in it. It needs to be emphasized that there is a lot of space in the vehicle and that comfort is certain. Moreover, this comfort is additionally increased by the usage of great climate and audio system controls. Furthermore, the usage of top quality materials would also provide a lot of comfort. There would also be a lot of other accessories such as a trip computer and reversing camera.

2015 Toyota Hiace Interior

Engine and Transmission

Since 2015 Toyota Hiace is a kind of a bus, it would surely need a very powerful engine in order to keep it going and to provide it required power in order to surpass all difficulties it may encounter. This is the reason why the manufacturer has opted to use a 3.0 liter engine under the hood of this vehicle. This engine would be a turbo diesel one, i.e. it would use diesel fuel, with 70 liters of the fuel tank capacity. The fuel consumption is calculated at 8 liters per 100 km.
2015 Toyota Hiace Engine
Furthermore, the maximum output that this vehicle would be able to produce would be 100Kw @ 3400 rpm and it would be able to use 300 Nm of torque @ 1200 rpm. The engine would be combined with the dual overhead cam. Regarding the transmission, the manufacturer has opted to pair this engine option with the automatic transmission which would have four speeds. The manufacturer would also use the rear-wheel driving system and the final rive ration would be 3.727.

Release Date of 2015 Toyota Hiace

2015 Toyota Hiace has been presented earlier this year, and after the presentation in the authorized dealership, the manufacturer has announced the commencement of sales. The sales have begun, and this vehicle is now available for purchase.

2015 Toyota Hiace Price

Having said the things above, we can only give the prices for 2015 Toyota Hiace and for various trims. Since there are several options offered for this vehicle, we would only say that the price range for this vehicle goes from $41 300 to $61 130.

All in all, 2015 Toyota Hiace would be a very convenient and reliable transportation mini bus.

More info: http://www.toyota.co.nz/our-range/hiace/hiace-zl/

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