2015 Toyota Fortuner Release date and Price

2015 Toyota Fortuner would be a breath of fresh air on the SUV world market. This would be due to its modern look and various equipment options. Additionally, the SUV would have a very powerful engine in addition to very affordable prices for such a type of a vehicle.
2015 Toyota Fortuner Front

Exterior of New Fortuner

2015 Toyota Fortuner would be made as a model which would have four doors and a trunk door. The overall modern and extravagant design would be increased by the usage of LED technology for headlights and taillights, and by the usage of alloy wheels of eighteen inches.
2015 Toyota Fortuner Exterior

2015 Fortuner Interior

2015 Toyota Fortuner would be a very spacious and big vehicle. Its size simply implies a lot of legroom and headspace and thus sufficient comfort. The comfort would also be provided by the usage of very good materials and fabrics for seats and upholstery. Additionally, there would be three seat rows, and there would be space for the maximum of seven passengers. It needs to be added that the last seat row can be removed, and additional luggage space would be thus created. Modern technologies, such as a touchscreen, are guaranteed.
2015 Toyota Fortuner Interior

Engine and Transmission of 2015 Fortuner Toyota

When we are talking about the engine type for 2015 Toyota Fortuner, we can only say that this engine would be the combination of power and strength. First of all, it needs to be said that this would be a 2.7 liter engine. It needs to be added that this engine option would use only turbo-diesel fuel and that it would be capable of providing the maximum power of 130 kW @ 3400 rpm. Furthermore, this particular engine would be paired with either the manual or the automatic transmission, and each one of them would have six speeds.
2015 Toyota Fortuner Engine
The usage of torque would depend on the transmission, and it would be 450 Nm $ 1600 – 2400 rpm for the automatic transmission and 420 Nm @ 1400 – 2600 rpm for the manual transmission. In addition to this, the manufacturer would also provide the high-pressure direct injection fuel system. The fuel tank would have the capacity of 80 liters. One of the most important things about this vehicle would be the addition of the four-wheel driving system a great thing for all terrains and weather conditions. Finally, the manufacturer would also provide 5-link rear suspension in addition to coil springs and stabilizer bar.

Release Date of 2015 Toyota Fortuner

2015 Toyota Fortuner has seen the light of the day, and this SUV is now available in authorized dealerships around the world.
2015 Toyota Fortuner 2

2015 Toyota Fortuner Price

Taking into account the previously said, we can only add that there are prices for 2015 Toyota Fortuner. There are several prices for different equipment packages and the base one is $27 540. There are additional three prices, and they are $21 320, $33 210 and $36 720.

There is not much left to be said but to confirm that 2015 Toyota Fortuner is one very powerful and one very elegant SUV which would surely be very interesting to potential buyers.

Official site of Toyota Fortuner.

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