2015 Toyota Estima Hybrid Price and Concept

The 2015 Toyota Estima hybrid comes packed with exceptional abilities compared to other minivans in its segment. To boost its exceptional abilities, it is fitted with aggressive looking front tires that I’d say best fit this model.

2015 Toyota Estima hybrid-side angle

New Estima Hybrid Redesign

Its new style and performance don’t clash and this quality has gone without being mentioned by most car experts. This car has a great back view and its all round is further boosted by its large side mirrors that give a wide and clear view of what surrounds the car having the blind feeling greatly reduced while in this minivan.

The 2015 Toyota Estima hybrid release unlike the 2015 Alphard hybrid won’t have the front side mirrors as expected by many buyers, but this exception won’t be felt as its large conventional side mirrors shall have covered their intended purpose.

2015 Toyota Estima hybrid-rear angle

2015 Toyota Estima hybrid – Interior and Exterior

The 2015 Estima hybrid will be presented to its buyers with a few modifications, upgrades and extra touches like the; speed and fuel gauges will have a different lighting style and appearance that is meant to be more eye friendly. For most car enthusiasts this was a great change and consideration as well to this minivan’s interior. From its texts carried out in the U.S this new model was seen to have large cabin space both leg and head room-, and offered sheer comfort to its passengers.

2015 Toyota Estima hybrid-interior

Additionally, it will come fitted with; electric doors, a later version of Bluetooth connectivity that will enhance its hands free capability, and a superior SAT-NAV/Infotainment system. An EV button will also be available in this new Estima model that will shift the car to the electric power option once struck and can ride on its stored electric power for over 20 minutes which will start beeping when low on charge.

2015 Toyota Estima hybrid-dash

Toyota Estima 2015 Hybrid engine

This 2015 Toyota Estima hybrid Model will be powered by the conventional 2.0l DHOC 4 cylinder engine that will be paired to a 5-speed automatic transmission and will make this 5-door minivan top as the most efficient and effective in its segment and will be among the ones to look out for in the car market. This new model will be available in 2WD and an option of the more powerful 4WD shall also be available.

2015 Toyota Estima hybrid-engine

Official reports confirm that this minivan can do up to 20km for every liter of gas about 47mph an outstanding performance which has none to compare with in its segment. This car has a satisfying fuel economy that will comfortably see you easily ferry your family for one point to another or transport goods easily with its great fuel economy and larger cabin space that’s boosted once you fold-flat its hind seats.

2015 Toyota Estima hybrid-rear

Price of 2015 Estima Hybrid and Release Date

The new 2015 Toyota Estima hybrid Model is expected to retail at a starting price of $33,000, and is set to be released before the end of 2014 then start mass production.

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  1. Suleman Akhanda says:

    I’m interested to buy a toyota estima, les than 5 years old,automatic, sat nav, low miles, panoramic foof

  2. Suleman Akhanda says:

    I’m interested to purchase one of your vehicle. Can please tell me how to contact you?

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