2015 Toyota Dear Qin Sedan Concept and Rumors

Dear Quin is a lineup of concept cars unveiled at the Beijing Motor Show in 2012. They were supposed to be redesigned in order to get production-ready, but that didn’t happen yet. However, you never know anything for sure in this market and it wouldn’t come as a surprise if Toyota decided it is time to finally put them in the stores sometime in 2015.

2015 Toyota Dear Qin Sedan-side

2015 Toyota Dear Qin Sedan-Concept

2015 Toyota Dear Qin Sedan or Dear Dear (as qin in Mandarese Chinese means exactly that) was presented as a compact hatchback and sedan. While hatchback’s extremely sharp lines will hardly make production, sedan offers much softer angles. Its front end has huge lower chrome-bound air intake with custom gravings and thin upper air dam with Toyota’s badge at its center.

Thin led headlights almost reach the side windows which gives it more than futuristic look. From the profile, arching roofline, side door cut-ins and custom alloy wheels strike you as lightning. Saying that tail-lights, just like headlights are laid-back would be an understatement. They are so long, thet they resemble a hockey stick. Besides this, Dear Qin’s rear end offers nothing out of the ordinary.

2015 Toyota Dear Qin Sedan-side

As purpose of concept cars is to look good, especially from the outside, 2015 Toyota Dear Qin Sedan interior isn’t nearly as flashy as its exterior is. Toyota used contemporary materials in it, and since it is a compact sedan (read affordable), no excess attempts of making it luxurious were made. Instead, soft-touch materials were used for upholstery and hard plastics with futuristic accents were used for the dashboard. Dash itself was left bare and devoid of many features it would have to have if this concept car was ready for production.

2015 Toyota Dear Qin Sedan-front angle

Now, what probably interests you the most, 2015 Toyota Dear Qin Sedan certainly won’t make it to the markets in this form and with this name. Most viable option is that this concept will actually be a mold for next-gen Toyota Corolla which is the only compact sedan in Toyota’s lineup that could adopt something from it, plus Corolla is getting ready for a redesign in 2015. With that said, some light can hopefully be shed on Dear Qin’s future, but it is a real pitty that Toyota, or other manufacturers for that matter don’t have the guts to actually produce something with looks as futuristic as these concepts have. It would certainly start the revolution, not instantly of course, but certainly in a few years.

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2015 Toyota Dear Qin Sedan Concept and Rumors-front detail

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