2015 Toyota Aygo Price and Review

After it was debuted in the Geneva Auto Show, 2015 Toyota Aygo has been the talk of most small car owners and fans. Despite the declaration that it will retain the same cute design from the last generation, the automaker is likely to make it bolder and more aggressive. Wheels, bumpers and suspensions are also likely to be stiffer and respondent. Engine is calibrated and mated with better transmissions and paddle shifters.

2015 Toyota Aygo-front above


Even though 2015 Toyota Aygo has not provided enough info about the car exterior, with profound look on the photos offered online, you can verify of quality and beauty. On the front end, the car has embraced a decipherable X-outline while the headlights feature great and admirable comic-like characters. In replace to the square rear lights, the car receives two cluster lights getting a vertical deposition. As for the back glass doors, more beauty styles have been reinforced but the frame removed.

2015 Toyota Aygo-side


The automaker has also done their most to ensure the interior looks smarter and stylish. With the simple but detailed chrome finishes and cloth materials, the offers more that most crossover SUVs can offer in terms of beauty. As for enhanced technology, cabin has been reinforced with hard plastics, cockpit made neater while the dash buttons have been replaced with a 7-inch central touch screen coupled with a MirrorLink and Smartphone. As for seats, the automaker has done greatly in making them more comfortable and supportive.

2015 Toyota Aygo-dash interior


As at now, the available info confirms that the 2015 Toyota Aygo will get a 1 liter 3-cylinder petrol powertrain which is expected to deliver a maximum output of not less than 68 horsepower. The engine efficiency is estimated at 3.9 liters for every 100 kilometers which is 60 mpg. The power transmissions will have 5 speed capabilities. The battery is likely to be a lithium-ion option which will be equipment with ample power to power each energy-operated equipment in the car. Comparing it with the previous model, the engine will also be more powerful and effective.

2015 Toyota Aygo-side rear

More about history of model on wikipedia

2015 Toyota Aygo Price

Even after being debuted in the auto shows, the car were not clarified when to go on sale. However, since it is a 2015 model, it is likely to go on sale this year or else next year. The price for the car is also not known yet but the anticipations of most people is that it will be higher than the previous generation. That means that it will be offered at a price range of not less than $10,500 but also not more than $15,000.

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2015 Toyota Aygo-four of them

First drive of 2015 Toyota Aygo:

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