2015 Toyota Avalon Price, Release Date

The 2015 Toyota Avalon can simply be described as sleek. According to most car analysts the vehicle is ground breaking in both design and engineering aspects. However, only the final customer can give the most authoritative opinion on whether the 2015 Avalon is truly a design and engineering master piece or not. We are going to analyse various aspects of the new Toyota such as ;car design, engine performance ,fuel consumption, passenger comfort and the overall satisfaction with regard to the driving experience.

2015 Toyota Avalon-side

Car design of new Toyota Avalon

The car maintains the usual intricate design of a Toyota luxury sedan. Aggressive lines are non-existent on the exterior of the 2015 Toyota Avalon. Quadra beam head lamps complimented with Light emitting Diode tail lights give the acclaimed sedan a stylish and sophisticated look. The car is exceptionally compact and stream lined .When compared to its predecessors the new Toyota models will feature a wider range of body colours. The Avalon is generally sporty and aggressive in appearance.

2015 Toyota Avalon-rear

2015 Toyota Avalon Interior and Exterior

Just like the exterior the interior of the 2015 Toyota Avalon is beautifully designed and boasts of some top notch, state of the art equipment. A leather upholstery promises to give the car an executive premium feel. A rear view camera and heated front seats all promise to enhance the driving experience of the Avalon’s driver. Toyota has also promised that the 2015 Avalon’s cabin will offer exceptionally high comfort levels. In addition to the afore mentioned features a Toyota Neptune system will also be incorporated into the new vehicle’s models.

2015 Toyota Avalon-interior

New 2015 Avalon Engine performance and fuel economy

The 2015 Toyota Avalon will boast of a 3.5 liter, V-6 engine that will produce an incredible 268 horse power .The powerful engine will be complimented by an automatic six-speed gear box. The fact the Avalon will have a hybrid version is an indication that Toyota is increasing its focus on more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient cars. A 2.5 liter four cylinder engine will be incorporated into the hybrid version. Additionally the hybrid version will have a nickel hydride powered motor. The 228.8V nickel hydride batteries will be able to produce an incredible torque of 200 horse power. The fuel economy of the 2015 Avalon is expected to be satisfactory for the non-hybrid models and almost excellent for the hybrid version.

2015 Toyota Avalon-engine

Release Date, Price of 2015 Toyota Avalon

Toyota is mainly targeting individuals in the middle income bracket with the expected launch of the 2015 Avalon into the market. This can be concluded from the expected 2015 Toyota Avalon price tag ranging from 35000 to 45000 US dollars. The new Avalon promises to be worth every dime.

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2015 Toyota Avalon-front side

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