2014 Toyota Verso Price and Review

With the increased competition among top companies, different strategies have been adopted for every company to outdo it opponents and gain market superiority. This is not the case for two giant motor companies. They have teamed up to ensure that they do a collective job of meeting customer’s needs.

2014 Toyota Verso-front

The partnership of BMW and Toyota motor companies has led to development of a product that uses parts from both companies. The 2014 Toyota Verso uses an engine from BMW and the rest of the body from Toyota. This move has made it gain a lot of interest from many car enthusiasts. Important Features analyzed in it are; engine performance, interiors design and, compelling features that may make buyers prefer it compared to other seven seater models.

2014 Toyota Verso-side

Engine of 2014 Toyota Verso

The 2014 Toyota Verso uses a 1.6 liters diesel engine. The engine was previously used in the BMW’s Copper D model. Its power delivery is 110bhp and 270 Nm. It has a six speed manual transmission system, which drives the front wheels. It has the ability to accelerate from 0 miles per hour to 62 miles per hour in 12.7 seconds which is very impressive for such a car. Its top speed is 115 miles per hour. It is environmentally friendly because it Produces 119grams of carbon IV oxide per Kilometer.

2014 Toyota Verso-engine

Verso Design and Interior

The 2014 Toyota Verso has a perfectly designed interior it has the ability to carry 7 passengers. Each seat in the middle raw is designed to fold and slide independently. It has three seats in this and two seats at the back raw. The back row is a little bit congested and lacks enough space to carry huge people. The driver and passenger seat on the first row is specious and has several adjustments which include sliding and folding. The dashboard is well designed, with properly placed instruments that can be easily reached and read. They are made of plastic. The roof is carpeted and effectively cushions the passengers from the harsh temperatures outside.

2014 Toyota Verso-rear

It has a 6.1 inches touch screen, Bluetooth capabilities, a rear view camera, radio and supports touch to go technology. Both the front and rear windows are electrically controlled. It is fitted with a climate control system that can adopt various regions in the world. This distinct feature should compel an interested buyer of seven seated vehicles give it a consideration.

2014 Toyota Verso-interior

New Toyota Verso Price and Release Date

The car is designed with compelling technology that makes it superior to cars designed in 2013. 2014 Toyota Verso is available for sale at your dealer and it is currently retailing from #26940 to $33869, it all depends on equipment, engine.

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2014 Toyota Verso-side

More about 2014 Toyota Verso info on official website

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