2014 Toyota TNGA-Toyota New Global Architecture

The 2014 TNGA model include the smart use of typical parts an organized development of the international standardized designs. The Toyota new global architecture is estimated to cut development costs by up to 30% and support the development of more enticing products.

NS4 model
2014 Toyota TNGA-front

2014 TNGA Design/Overview

The next versions of the models – Toyota Innova and Fortuner shall be based on the new system the TNGA. The 2014 Toyota TNGA will be much like the VW-MBQ platform which will give rise to many cars that will share common parts.

The brand new 2014 Toyota TNGA is seen as a feedback to the safety wave and security recollects and have absorbed the businesses products in the previous years and long with making it fight competitors from other Japanese models such as the Honda as well as the American competitors like Ford and the rest of GM.
This new platform has a similar approach to that used by the VW, Volvo and Renault’s Dacia with Toyota having built a determining a typical hip point vehicle’s driver seating point that allows for comparable set of pressings of the physical body around the bulk head and the foot well with comparable designs.

2014 Toyota TNGA-side

This has been pricey as a process for Toyota in both regards of substitutes and repairs and the penalties from the federal government. This giant Japanese car maker paid up to $17m for failing to state a couple of issues within the allowed time scale to the US NHTSA.
Seen as partly to blame, the 2014 Toyota TNGA participants Mitsuhisa board claims that it’s swiftly improving the businesses size and array as well as the impact on the components range. This firm has at the time over 50 different air bag layouts which are meant to fit the driver seating position of the different models.

2014 Toyota TNGA-front

All this is set to change with the 2014 TNGA which is set to reduce this number to less than 10 designs of the air bags at the same time making this a cheaper venture which will also be lighter and much easier to build and also faster to match. It will have a single streamlining component which shall also cover for parts such as the alternators. The Global Open Standards for components are meant to limit the diversity f the adapters and layouts initially for all the areas.

2014 Toyota TNGA-rear

Kato likewise confirmed that the 2014 TNGA will certainly aid in the lowering of the elevation of the respective models and the center of mass of the Toyota vehicles. He further confirmed that the delay of the TNGA related Toyota vehicles is in respect to this in order to cut down on the chances of adopting faulty handling results.

2014 Toyota TNGA-side

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