2014 Toyota Matrix Price and Concept

The good about the 2014 Toyota Matrix is inclusive of features that are great if you are seeking a convenient car for your outdoors since it can take up your baggage.

2014 Toyota Matrix-front side

The new Matrix is a versatile car with its features derived from the Toyota corolla. There was a drop of 50 percent in the sales of the matrix since 2005. This car is pragmatically suitable for consumers in Canada. It has perfectly trimmed levels, though it is a perfect choice for small families and those with active outdoor lifestyles. The first introduction of this car into the market was in 2003 and it later received a complete redesigning, which took place for five years before re-launch of the 2009 model.

2014 Toyota Matrix-side

Matrix Engine

The 2014 Toyota Matrix has ample room with five seats and enough space for carrying cargo. Its 1.8L four liter cylinder has a production of 132 hp. It has great simplicity in it features to avoid any confusion. It is good on the road and meets any expectations from a ride. It has gas pedals for controlling the movement and speed of the car. It also has stability control as well as traction control, which helps in getting things smooth as the car moves. It helps in maintaining safety especially on harsh weather. Its fuel consumption is economical especially for those looking for conservative driving.

2014 Toyota Matrix-engine

New Matrix Interior

Audio controls are located strategically in the steering wheels and that helps in steering the car smoothly during a drive as you direct the car into your direction of travel. The wheels have a great capacity of flexibility allowing for little effort to turn it toward the direction you would like to point. To be honest, the 2014 Toyota Matrix holds the road perfectly and you can be sure of your safety. It has a composed ride on the highway and great mechanical with reasonably quite characteristics though there is some slight noise, which is noticeable. Slowing down after exiting the highway requires you to make use of brake pedals to have them assisting the break force equipment to provide stability.

2014 Toyota Matrix-interior

2014 Toyota Matrix Price and Release Date

The car has a likeable folding front seat, which can fold flat and offer more room for cargo. 2014 Toyota Matrix selling price is $19,415 inclusive of a destination fee of $1,520. It contains power locks and windows as part of its standard features. This car does not come without some luxury for the road as it has USB audio input, Bluetooth connectivity, six speakers for audio upgrade and air conditioning.

2014 Toyota Matrix-rear

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