2014 Toyota Hilux Diesel Price and Review

Throughout the world the 2014 Toyota Hilux model is known for its durability and great performance in all terrains. This model was majorly designed to serve those who love big cars. This car will be available with a few modifications to its exterior and interior as well.

2014 Toyota Hilux Diesel-front

Since 2005-its inception, this model has only face minor changes to its design in the past few years but the 2014 Toyota Hilux Diesel model was set to turn around all driving experience offered by this pickup truck giving it a pleasant feel in both the city and off road setting.

2014 Toyota Hilux Diesel-side

2014 Hilux Interior and Design

The 2014 Toyota Hilux Diesel model is here already and has been presented with significant features compared to the previous model. These are; a new grille, great handling and driving experience, new designed front and rear lamps, improved suspension that were mainly aimed at reducing the noise arising from cruise as well as the vibration and harshness, a better braking ability and an improved towing ability of up to 3 tones up from the previous 2.5 tones.

2014 Toyota Hilux Diesel-rear side

This model also has great active & passive safety features and all model of the 2014 Toyota Hilux Diesel will be offered with the electronic stability control feature and to ensure the comfort of all its passengers, the double cabin model will have just enough room for 5-passengers and shall offer ample leg and head room.

2014 Toyota Hilux Diesel-dash


This model is equipped with better and improved safety features. These are like; safety belts that signal that the passenger is in danger, 6 airbags, the ANCAP safety system and a lap slash belt for the middle seating space of the rear seat which is set to boost the passenger’s safety. These features among others add to the overall safety and security of this vehicle giving it a 5 star safety level.

2014 Toyota Hilux Diesel-seats

New Toyota Hilux Diesel Engine

The 2014 Toyota Hilux Diesel is easy to drive and has great handling with it having the ability to negotiate sharp bends with less trouble unlike the older versions. This model will be powered by a 3.0l diesel engine that runs quietly and smoothly which is paired with a 5-speed manual or a 6-speed automatic transmission (with the manual engine having been seen to perform better than the automatic one especially in the off road setting) and is able to generate up to 171hp and 360nm of related torque and is rear wheel driven with it being able to cruise on all wheels with the engagement of the 4WD.

2014 Toyota Hilux Diesel-engine

Toyota is working harder on promoting and improving their engine’s performance especially on the green technology with reduced emission and do boast of a great fuel economy.

2014 Toyota Hilux Diesel Release Date and Price

This model is already at the dealerships with more deliveries expected to be delivered this fall and sells at $33,990 with models with higher features will cost no more than $50,000 for the base model double cabin version. It is expected to strongly compete against the Ford Ranger, Volkswagen Amarok and the Mazda BT-50.

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2014 Toyota Hilux Diesel-front

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