2014 Toyota Avensis Price and Spec

The affordable, comfortable and high performance 2014 Toyota Avensis Toyota is synonymous to affordability, style and high-performance when it comes to vehicles. Sure there are some Toyota’s that are simply disappointing for one reason or the other. The 2014 Toyota Avensis is more definitely not among these dreaded vehicles. It is one of the best cars from the auto manufacturer yet.

2014 Toyota Avensis-front

2014 Toyota Avensis Engine and Performance

One thing that endears Toyota’s to many auto enthusiasts is the fact that they are so easy to handle, cheap to maintain and considerably more affordable than most cars of their caliber. The 2014 Avensis is no different. It brings with it a 2.0 liter engine that runs on diesel. It can offer as much as 124 horsepower- a truly impressive performance both in the city and outside. There is another 2.2 liter diesel engine that comes with an automatic gearbox. However, this one is a bit slower and does not offer as great a performance as the manual 2.0 liter engine.

2014 Toyota Avensis-rear

In terms of fuel consumption, the 2014 Toyota Avensis is a car to purchase. This vehicle offers an impressive a 45MPG combined EPA rating. As aforesaid, it is one of the best cars to own because you will not have to spend heavily in terms of maintenance.

2014 Toyota Avensis-front

2014 Avensis Exterior and Interior design

The 2014 edition of the Avensis is quite a beauty. It is not all that different from the 2013 version but then there are some notable modifications here and there. With a revamped bumper and inclusion of several color options the exterior of the Avensis has become a little bit more exciting. The interior is also not lacking in impressive looks. There are so many wonderful amenities that you will rarely find in a Toyota of its size.

2014 Toyota Avensis-dash

For starters there is a whole lot of safety features including an adaptive cruise control as well as a speed limiter. There are dusk sensor lights plus a rear view camera that improves the safety of the car. In fact you will not have to break your neck while reversing the car anymore. The rear view camera coupled with the 6.1 inch color touch screen display make it possible to reverse, park and drive in heavy traffic without worries. The power steering makes handling easier when you are driving around in your Avensis. It is a spacious vehicle with comfortable seats that offer excellent lumbar support especially for the driver.

2014 Toyota Avensis-seats

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New Toyota Avensis Price and Release date

The 2014 Toyota Avensis is already available for purchase. It is retailing at prices between $18,000 and $20,000. This depends on where you are buying. If you buy a used one it will most definitely be cheaper. The Avensis is clearly a wonderful car to have in your possession, especially as a first car.

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2014 Toyota Avensis-front

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