2014 Honda CR-V vs 2014 Toyota RAV4 Comparation

The automobile industry is a competitive market and it is imperative that companies stay on top of their game to ensure they amass huge returns and build an impressive portfolio with consumers. Honda cr-v and Toyota Rav4 are two vehicles that have managed to perform extremely well in the market due to their high delivery and performance rating.

2014 Honda CR-V vs 2014 Toyota RAV4

Both crossover models have made it in the market and managed to impress many buyers and critics. 2014 model of both vehicles are highly similar in dimensions, utility and performance. Difference between these two models is based on the manufacture’s trademark and design language.

2014 Honda CR-V vs 2014 Toyota RAV4-side

Design 2014 Honda CR-V vs 2014 Toyota RAV4

In terms of dimensions, both vehicles are almost identical and it might be hard to different them apart from the afar. Rav4 appears slightly bigger than the Honda cr-v. That is just one of the unique features distinguishing these two models. When it comes to the cabin space, both vehicles have plenty of room aboard, enabling passengers to sit comfortably without a hassle. This makes it easy to enjoy long journeys.
The interior design of both vehicles has been upgraded and features high quality materials that create a trendy and stylish environment in the cabin. High quality information and entertainment systems are present in the cabin giving the driver and passengers a feel of great entertainment.

2014 Toyota RAV4-Interior
2014 Toyota RAV4-interior

Honda CR-V has better fold-able seats than the Rav4. These seats are both stylish and comfortable. Air conditioning, backup cameras and Bluetooth connectivity are some of the basic features installed in both models. While the Honda cr-v has a 5 inch iMID display, the Rav4 is graced with a 6 inch display. Additionally, the 2014 Rav4 is further equipped with extra driver knee airbag, lane departure alerts and blind spot monitoring.

2014 Honda CR-V-Interior
2014 Honda CR-V-interior

Engine 2014 Honda CR-V vs 2014 Toyota RAV4

Both models will be powered by 4 cylinder engine units. A 2.4l engine will be available in the Honda cr-v whereas the rav4 will be equipped with a 2.5l engine. It can be seem that both engines are almost similar with just a slight disparity in engine capacity. Moreover, the Rav4 is delivers more torque than the Honda cr-v which pumps out more horsepower than the Rav4. Front wheel drive is offered in both models with the all wheel drive being an optional drive.

2014 Honda CR-V vs 2014 Toyota RAV4-rear

2014 Honda CR-V vs 2014 Toyota RAV4 Prices and Release Date

2014 Honda CR-V and 2014 Toyota RAV4 will start sale late this year or most probably early next year. $23,120 is the price tag of the Honda cr-v while the Rav4 will be valued at about $23,550. Both models promise to offer high delivery and reliability. It is certain that both models will impress potential buyers due to their impressive style and decent performance.

2014 Honda CR-V vs 2014 Toyota RAV4-front

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